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“Your Dependable Fencing Connection!”

B & C Property care is your dependable fencing connection!

B & C Property Care is a fence installation company offering over ten years of experience at a price that can’t be beat. We are truly your dependable fencing connection.

Owner Briston Brenton’s ten years in the fencing industry has taught him how to price materials and how to offer a higher quality product at a more affordable price.

Our sales specialists not only can connect you with state-of-the-art fence installation services, but B & C Property Care strives to be your main supplier of industrial, commercial, and residential chain-link fence materials, both on the job and through our material sales division.

B & C Property Care Staff Fence
B & C Property Care Staff

The B & C Property Care story

Briston is a savvy businessman. After holding several jobs he decided he would much rather be his own boss and make his own American Dream come true. B & C Property Care truly grew from the bottom up, starting off as a property care company offering lawn and sod services, eventually growing and expanding to the company to the chain-link fencing sales and installation business you see today. Utilizing personal contacts and a persistent personality, Briston continues to go above and beyond for each client that he works with.

B & C Property Care

What We Do

We work throughout the Midwest and are licensed in Oklahoma, Kansas, North Dakota, & Wyoming. We have completed major commercial fence projects in Garden City, Kansas, Fort Collins, Colorado, and Enid, Oklahoma among others. We have also completed 3.4 miles of chain-link fencing in Garden City, Kansas for the largest railyard in North America! Our specialized mobile equipment means that we are able to go wherever the work takes us and still get the job done to the highest standards of quality.

B & C Property Care has expertise and experience in any type of fencing that your business might require:
• Chain-link
• Gate installation
• Privacy Fencing
• Barbed Wire
• …and more!

We specialize in Engineered Fencing Plans, which means that we are your partner every step of the way: from the initial planning stages, fence construction, and all the way through to your project’s completion. We apply the A B & C process that company founder Briston Brenton and his team have developed over the years.


Assess: We will work closely with you to assess your current situation, needs, and goals; as well as the surrounding environment. Is security at the top of your list? We can construct a secure perimeter around your property, up to and including a gate with the latest in access control technology and even barbed wire or razor wire should you require it. Is privacy your chief concern? We are experts at designing and building privacy fences that will protect your operations and customers, while being an attractive addition to your business presence. Do you simply want to beautify your property? We understand that this could be the first impression that your business makes on your customers and can help you come up with an engineered fencing plan that will enhance your environment and impress your customers.


Build: We will build your fence to your most exacting specifications and build it to last. Everyone at B & C takes quality very seriously. From placing the first post, right up until the final inspection, building with quality is foremost in the mind of each and every one of our team members.


Complete: No job is complete until you, the customer, says so. We inspect the finished job right along with you and make 100% certain that we have met your needs and followed your specifications.

Most important, the entire B & C team lives every day by the values of hard work and determination, just like you do.

B & C Property Care
B & C Property Care

Material Sales

We buy direct from the mills, so we are able to offer some of the best prices in the Midwest and beyond for virtually every size and type of posts, fabric, fittings, and barbed wire available. We keep a large inventory on hand at all times, so we are able to fulfill your fence material needs both quickly and efficiently.

Call or email us for a fencing project or material sales quote today!